The Perfect Road Trip? I Could Write Thousands of Words.

I almost feel obligated to answer today’s Daily Prompt. If time and money were out of the equation, what car-based journey would you go on?

I’d want an adventure, an odyssey composed of a series of increasingly eccentric hitch hikers picked up, to see where they are going. I want to be protected from break downs and other patience killing delays. A quasi-mystical purpose along with that wouldn’t hurt. Let it be hard to define and even somewhat small of scale. Maybe just getting rid of a bunch of terror inspiring garbage. I’d like to see the strange, the unlikely and even the impossible. Oh, and I’d want to take an unbelievably cool car.

You know, I’d like a trip like the one that Nick and Herman took in that book. Then again, you probably haven’t read it. I’ve read it. Whoops, let me restate that. I wrote it. ‘Edge of the World’ is the title. It’s only available on Kindle. Gasp! That doesn’t inspire much confidence. It’s cheap though, and a link to it is to the right, among the book covers.

Did I really just use the Daily Prompt to shamelessly promote my work? Hey, it’s not my fault they asked the perfect question.

Nick and Herman’s journey is one that I wouldn’t mind taking. I wouldn’t want to mirror it, but a similar epic road trip would be welcome. I’d love to drive without a destination. I can ramble and wander with extraordinary skill. I used to get lost a lot. That was years ago, and I almost never get lost anymore. The roaming piece of my soul is still quite intact though, and I’m certain I could turn off my direction sense the moment I got out of sight of the familiar.

The story’s heroes are led along their trip by strangers. They are constantly picking people up. That would be fascinating. Of course real life hitch hikers aren’t typically interesting at all; I wrote a post about that recently. If, like Nick and Herman, I were somehow destined for people with real purpose to their travels, then I could deal with that if I had to. Ah, but this was a hypothetical question, so I’ll imagine the hypothetical of similar hitch hikers as well. Nick and Herman’s riders were odd and engaging for the most part. They weren’t always likable, but I’m not asking for a perfectly smooth ride. Where’s the adventure in that?

With or without the subreality of the book, I’d love to ride at random and sleep at whatever hotel or motel was convenient. There’s a lot to see out there. I don’t need to head out for a specific place. I want to experience the trip itself for as long as it has to last. I want to eat at small diners with food that most people will never have. I want to read historical markers. I want unique stops and sights that you can’t plan for.


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