Pachelbel Zen




I was supposed to start this post with the first line of the last song I heard. That’s Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Well that’s a problem. There is no first line. I thought about putting a small section of sheet music up, but I didn’t want to waste time finding an image on the internet. Besides, the prompt was clear. It wants the first line, not the first notes. Easy enough. No words, I can put up no words. That’s why there’s the blank space above this paragraph. That’s the first line.

The absence of words is as important as their presence, isn’t it? Certainly, but somehow I still feel like a smart ass kid who leaves a page blank, saying it’s a snow storm. That’s not very impressive. And here I was so happy that the music might create the illusion that I have some culture. Maybe I should have kept pretending that I was clever. That vanishes the moment you admit that you’ve copped out. Darn. I came up with such a witty title for the post.



  1. anyone who chooses pachelbel over raucous alternatives definitely gets my respect! you are definitely more zen than most of the zombies who are plugged into the latest fads and have lost the connection to an inner peace. seeing the title to your post on the wordpress daily prompt won my instant respect before i opened your post!

    your opening line is great, btw!

    z – ahem, i mean, ‘suzanne…’

    1. What an inspiring piece of encouragement. Thank you so much.

      I must, however, protest your accusation that I have a connection to inner peace. I have quite the outer peace. My life is slow and quiet, often even boring. But inside I am a raging tempest of passion, virility and manly fortitude. Except when I’m taking a nap.

      1. most creative people do have a raging tempest of ideas and emotions that often quarrel for dominance. i recently told new friends that i needed about a dozen more clones of myself to satisfy all of the things i would like to do…

        it’s a great gift to have, and i am never bored. though i have high energy, i can easily diffuse it and direct it to one source – a painting or building something or writing or even editing images on the computer… one has to learn to be quiet, and that is something that most people are not comfortable with….

        pachebel is definitely the path to inward peace.

        i suspect that you are closer than you think.. it takes time, and one day at a time we get there and realized that because we are grounded, we can fly…

        ah, it’s a nice place to be!

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