No one wants to answer this prompt

This is hilarious. The Daily Prompt wants to ask if we’ve ever intentionally or unintentionally told a secret. When I first read the prompt, there were no responses. Zero. I hadn’t seen that before. Even prompts that seem to me to be fairly unimaginative have a few dozen responses. This one had none. As I finish this, there are only eight.

Outstanding! I had no answer to the prompt. I don’t break confidences. I don’t share secrets. You’d have to waterboard me to get them out of me. So I couldn’t answer the prompt except to say, no, I haven’t ever spilled a secret.

Is that true for everyone? Hardly. In fact, even most highly ethical people will make the mistake of breaking a confidence occasionally, even if they don’t mean to. And yet there are only eight responses.

When I saw the slow start, I didn’t figure it would stay that quiet. It’s obvious why though. No one who has made that mistake wants to say when it happened. For one thing, no one wants to tell you that they’re a loudmouth. For another, even a person who will admit they’ve done it, won’t want to tell you specifically when. Finally, and hopefully more importantly, no one can tell us about a confidence they have broken without breaking it again. Online yet! For the world to see!

Asking us to divulge our crimes, even small social crimes, shows a lack of common sense. Next time ask us if we’ve ever shoplifted or run over a dog. You’ll get about the same response.



  1. Make that nine! There were not eight responses. There were nine. Only eight appeared when I had my response ready. I was hurrying to put it up so that I could make my point before anyone else did. It was high noon on WordPress. I didn’t know who my mysterious opponent was until it was too late. She was fast on the draw, a wordslinger rumored to have the fastest keyboard in the West. I was moments too late, but the point was made before my post was ready. Aaargh! Ya got me pardner! At least my tombstone at boot hill will read that I was taken down by the famous Angloswiss.

  2. There was a story I was going to share, but I couldn’t write about it within the guidelines of the prompt without compromising the greater picture of an article I’ve been slowly piecing together that I will have up in time.

    All in all, the responses have been interesting and I chuckled to see such a slow response! Nonetheless, the responses we have seen so far have been interesting!

  3. I logged on about one hour after the prompt posted and saw zero responses as well. I knew there must have been a problem with WP. 68 bloggers had “liked” the prompt, but no responses were showing. I wrote mine and it did not appear.
    It seems to be working now. I’ve updated mine and it linked.

  4. Yes, it figures that it would not only be a simple computer error, but one that was fixed just in time for my assumptions to be aired too soon. Ah well, that’s typical of my luck, and it was a fun assumption anyway. All the same, thirty six responses isn’t much. So maybe there was something to my assumption after all.

  5. I find it interesting that so many people have not shared on that particular topic. For me, personally, I have to share some people’s secrets as I am a mandated reporter of abuse and neglect. While these are secrets that need to be shared, they were told to me in confidence often times which makes me the sharer of secrets. (All of the clients are told about the limits to confidentiality, but that is rarely remembered when they share with me the nature of the behavior I have to hotline.)

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