A Bunch of Ideas for the Prompt

Ah, the ten minute free write is back, and here I am typing away without even starting a timer. I will, but first let me write this little intro without worrying about the limit. I see some of my fellow bloggers complaining that this prompt has been repeated too often. It isn’t actually much of a prompt, after all. The word prompt implies that you are given somewhere to start. The free write offers no starting point, no inspiration. Instead we are told to come up with our own ideas, and keep it brief. I try not to complain. After all, I feel gratitude toward the Daily Prompt. I’ve already admitted it, without the prompt, I wouldn’t have much to write about. When left to my own devices, there are long gaps between posts. So thank you DP for your help. Sincerely.

All the same, I do share the feeling of disappointment when I see the free write prompt offered again. I’ve only responded to the free write one time, and that was only because I had a story ready. I had already planned to write that post, so why not try to fit it in the ten minute theme? That happened once. The free write appeared before that. It has returned since. I am left with no ideas to expand on. Do I really have the right to complain though? After all, I’ve never submitted a prompt. So instead of simply complaining, I’ll try to help the situation.

This idea came to me after I walked away from my computer. Since I didn’t plan on participating, I was free to go about my day. (The faint of heart should turn away until this sentence ends) There I was, sitting on the toilet, emptying my mind, among other things. I came up with a prompt idea that I thought had potential. Then I came up with another.

I’ve finished that necessary task and two others while considering other ideas. These are the prompt concepts that I formed while brushing my teeth, showering, and that other thing. The ten minute time starts NOW.

In a museum, you see a painting that is hundreds of years old, but the central figure resembles yourself. Along with that are two other figures that resemble two other people from the present. Who is in the painting with you and what are you all doing in the painting?

If you had some bizarre kind of pet, what would it be?

One day you wake up with your gender reversed. No one but you seems to think this is out of the ordinary. In fact, they act as though you’ve always been this way. But how does going through the day as the opposite sex affect you?

Fill a swimming pool with whatever you want to swim in. You can even break the rules of physics by swimming through solids like Scrooge McDuck in money, though the point is not to keep the contents, only to swim in them. What do you want to swim in?

You aren’t allowed to wear your own clothing. Someone has forced you to wear an entirely different wardrobe for a week. What are you made to wear, and how does that affect you?

What odd object would you keep in a tool box that most people wouldn’t think of? If you actually have something unusual in a tool box or tool drawer, tell us about that.

You are required for some reason to be rude to three people over the course of a few days. Who are you rude to and why?

For four days every cell phone on the planet ceases to function. What is the result, or how are you personally affected?

Anthropomorphism is a fun word. Tell us what the inanimate objects around you are thinking over the course of your day.

Imagine that you are in charge of alien abductions. What are your duties and concerns as the manager of this strange enterprise?

You have a pair of eyeglasses that have a special correction. They make you notice details that you ordinarily wouldn’t. What happens when you wear them? And how often do you put them on?

You are at a metaphysical auction where you can bid on concepts, feelings and experiences. Do you want to purchase the happiness or the wisdom, or something else? For that matter, money is no good here, so what are you paying with?

THE TIMER IS STOPPED. I’m taking an interlude now that I have thrown those out there. That’s twelve potential prompts over the course of my normal morning rituals. Checking my time, I see that I have nearly five minutes left. Can I come up with any more in that time? Let’s find out. THE TIMER IS BACK ON.

Tell us about some lost object from your childhood that you wish you could have again.

In your attic or garage you find a box with impossible contents. What is it, and how did it get there?

Provide yourself with an extra sense. What is it and how is it useful?

Some people hate spiders. Some are afraid of heights. What every day phobias do most people have that don’t bother you at all?

Create a game show. Anything goes, any rewards can be given, and any punishments doled out. What do the contestants have to do and what happens when they win or lose?

Change your normal mode of travel. Imagine some vehicle, anything, to get around with.

Go for a swim in the ocean and see something that no one else has seen. Tell us what you discover there.

Tell us about an argument that you would like to have. Maybe you return to an old argument or maybe you have a discussion that you’ve always wanted to have. What is the subject? Is this with a particular person or a stranger or just anyone?

THE TIMER HAS STOPPED AGAIN. I went over time by two seconds while writing the last prompt idea. Glancing back at it all, I see that it is rife with typing errors. I can type fast or I can type well. I can’t do both. The sad truth is that I often can’t type well even when I’m doing it slow. That’s what editing is for. And I’m not that good at editing either, I have to admit. I’ll give it my best shot, like I always do. I will clean this up and make the necessary corrections before I post it. I refuse to post anything unedited. After all, if I were writing a fishing story, I wouldn’t want my carp to turn into crap.



  1. Revolutionary! I like that. What’s more, I blatantly broke the rules by disregarding the ten minute time as it suited me. Of course I wasn’t going to post anything at all at first. What does it say about me as a person that the revolutionary inspiration didn’t hit until I was on the crapper?

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