A Sharp Mind with Clumsy Fingers

Another hour has been added to the twenty four hour day; how would you use the extra time? Now that’s a question. I typically chip away at the daily prompt’s question a bit, but not this time. I will have to answer this by changing the circumstances a bit. I like the daily prompt more than half the time, but I do seem to have trouble answering within the boundaries implied by the questions. I just can’t seem to follow the rules. Then again, there aren’t any rules. This is supposed to be an exercise in creative thought. So I guess I just have trouble coloring inside the lines. That’s a bit depressing. When I was a kid I always colored in the lines. I always thought coloring outside the lines made stupid pictures. To this day I have never seen a picture in a coloring book that has been chaotically scribbled over looking like anything other than a mess.

There is some virtue in ‘thinking outside the box’. Conceptually it’s really just coloring outside the lines, but the result is different. I guess the reason is that when you think outside the box you aren’t just coloring outside the lines so much as you are putting the lines where you want them to be.

I might just be making excuses for my waning skills. I was a brilliant kid, but I’m something of a lost cause as an adult. While writing this, I had some trouble with uncomfortable sleeves. It took four to five times longer to fix than it should have. I was busy cursing my fingers.

My fingers still have the capacity to win video games against talented teenagers, so why can’t they button a #()@/ng shirt? I can’t button a shirt without difficulty, but I can take questions and stand them on their heads? Maybe I’m just fooling myself. After all, I nearly put two typos in the title of this post without noticing. Here goes, anyway.

What do you do with an extra hour every day? Well that’s not up to you. Our time is not our own. Our time is taken by our responsibilities. Whatever it is you have in your life takes your time whether you like it or not. If you had an extra hour, some of it would be taken by your employer. Some would taken by your kids, or your parents, or your spouse, or whatever other family you want to put at the end of this sentence. I could go on. Maybe. But those two examples all on their own make my point. If everyone had an extra hour, it would be spent doing one more thing that the world wants, with just enough moments left over to bitch about how there’s only twenty five hours in a day.

So I don’t have much of an answer. That’s not my fault. That’s the way of the world, the natural order. I can make use of an extra hour though if I don’t have to share it with the world. See those lines there? I’m about to color outside them. Instead of adding an extra hour to the world’s day, I’m going to add an extra hour to my day, alone. For one hour’s time every day I can slip away from the time that belongs to all, and have time that is only my own. An hour isn’t much. It’s enough to use though. What would I use it for? A lot of the time it would be used to finish one more thing, because, like everyone, I often say that there just isn’t enough time in the day. Sometimes it would be used just to watch half of a movie that I wouldn’t have time for otherwise. Sometimes I’ll just take a hot bath. Maybe I’ll get in a few more pages of the book I’m reading. See, that hour doesn’t have one allotted purpose, and that’s the point.


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