The Edge and the Aliens

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Call Me Ishmael.”

“I won’t say that I’ve seen everything and done everything, but there are things that I’ve done that I bet you never have.” That’s quite a statement. It’s not one that I’d really feel too comfortable with, because I haven’t actually done that much. I do have one hell of an imagination though, and that’s the source of that line. The blog prompt that this is written in response to asked me to begin a post with the first line of my favorite book. Now how could I do that? I don’t have any one favorite book. I find it hard to comprehend the question. Choose a single piece of work as the one most significant to me? Even a man like me who hasn’t done much still has more in his life than any one book can touch. Could I even participate in this little exercise? Well, my first thought was no. Then I considered that if I had to choose one book above all others, since it could not be on the book’s own merits, then I’d choose one that suits my purposes. That line, the beginning of the post, is the first line of Edge of the World. It’s a book that I wrote. Over to the side you will see images of book covers and one of them is the book in question. It’s about a road trip two friends take in search of the edge of the world.

Yes, I’m using this as a chance for self promotion. I can’t apologize for that; promotion of my books was the reason I started this blog. I haven’t done a thing with it for a while. Where have I been? The same place as always, but I’ve been busy. My few followers might notice that there is another book cover over there. I’ve been quite focused on preparing that for release on kindle. The Martian, The Angel and The Robot. It’s a collection of stories, most of which were written in response to the daily prompt here on WordPress. Thank you, internet, for your inspiration.

The title story is not available here though. It’s about three housemates, none of whom are human. It examines the absurdity of everyday life from an outside point of view. From three outside points of view, actually. They are not simply three outsiders from different cultures. They are from completely different worlds with no concept of the most basic elements of Earth life. In their true forms, none of them are even male or female. They don’t eat human food. They don’t have any training to work in an Earth job. They start out on a yard work crew, as a janitor and in an office doing data entry. Maybe that would have been an interesting title, Blue Collar and Gender Free. Naw, I like my first choice of title. I’ll even say it one more time, The Martian, The Angel and the Robot.


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