Another Novel

Well that wasn’t easy. At long last I have my time travel novel finished and made available for Kindle. Paradox Eclipse is the title, and you can find it here : Paradox Eclipse.

Remember that post I wrote about gerbils and time travel? No? Well that’s not a surprise. It was a while ago. It was in fact June thirteenth. Of 2014. Oh man. Here I am nearly two years later with the finished product. Was it worth it? It took quite a bit more time and effort than I envisioned. Could I have done it easier, faster? Well, I suppose I could have. I’ve heard more than once that a novel should never take more than six months to write. Do I feel bad taking four times that amount? Not really. Dad always said, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Okay, so he never said that, but I’m sure he meant to. Then again maybe not. Earlier today he was using a chainsaw during some toilet repair. So doing things right might not be too high a priority for the man. I seem to take after him in that regard.

For anyone who’s wondering, that was not a joke. I was sitting at a keyboard, typing away, concentrating hard. Dad was the next room fixing a toilet that had a slight leak. After a while I heard an unusual sound. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve done a fair amount of toilet repair, and I’ve never needed a power tool for it.’ What was he up to? By the time I walked in that direction, the noise had stopped. Right there, on top of his toolbox, I saw it. It stopped me dead in my tracks. A chainsaw. Who the hell uses a chainsaw when they’re fixing a toilet? I didn’t ask what it was for. I figured the anecdote works better without the explanation.

Chainsaw toilet repair. I wonder if that works as a metaphor for my writing? It would seem so, considering the amount of material I ripped out of my first draft. I struggled more than I had to, but isn’t that an author’s right? It might even be his duty. After battering my way through the plot changes and characterizations, I wonder if a more streamlined approach might be more effective when I start my next story. Nah. I’ll let others do it fast and easy. I love my stories, and they’re worth the effort.

The next one ought to be easy anyway. I won’t have to design a time machine. I’ll only have to design a spacecraft. I already have it mapped out right next to me. Now I just have to put the people in it. Oh, wait. This isn’t going to be easy after all.


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