The Deicide Files : Glossary

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Aether : Fuel for the city’s machines, particularly vahanas.

Ark : A motor vehicle like a vahana, but able to seat many gods. Arks are usually public transportation, and in Pantheon City they resemble cable cars. So in town they are often referred to as cable arks.

Boundary : The edge of the gods’ small world has a literal boundary that can be seen. No one knows what is beyond it, and nothing that passes over it ever returns.

DemiUrge Temple : The largest religion of Pantheon City. Gods who are followers of the DemiUrge religion believe in a supreme being beyond their own reality who is responsible for the creation of both Pantheon City and the mortal world.

Devotion : The gods of Pantheon City receive devotion, or belief, from their mortal followers in various forms. That devotion can be fashioned into various products, most importantly nourishment that maintains a god’s identity. It can also be sold and traded, creating the economy of Pantheon City.

Divinity : In Pantheon City, the word has a completely different meaning. Divinity is their word for humanity.

Dreven : A unit of currency, legal tender. Dreven notes are based on the primary commodity of Pantheon City, mortal devotion.

Drime : A unity of currency. A tenth of a dreven.

Fade : A fade is a god that is no longer remembered by the mortals of Earth. Without the recognition of any followers, neither the fade nor any other god can remember his identity. Most fades are disabled and homeless.

Frontier : The area outside of Pantheon City, also called the wilderness or the wilds. The natural landscape there slowly shifts, changes, and it expands. In the frontier, gods are far more easily killed.

Ichor : A god’s primary body fluid, similar to blood.

Iconist : An adherent of one of the city’s larger religions, Iconism. Iconist belief centers around the connection between the mortal world and the city of the gods.

Jormungandr : A quick way to get from one part of Pantheon City to another is the Jormungandr train system. Jormungandr refers to the tracks that the trains run on rather than the trains themselves.

Leviathan : The underground train system of Pantheon City. Cheaper and less efficient than the Jormungandr, it is frequented by the lower classes.

Urgist : An adherent of the DemiUrge Temple.

Vahana : A motor vehicle, similar to an automobile.


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