Matthew Brown

Bio: I was born in 1976 in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I've lived in Kansas all my life. Ever since graduating from Nickerson High School, I've worked with my father, making time for writing where I can. My first novel, Edge of the World, was made available as a Kindle ebook April, 2013. Since then I have published a second novel, Porcelain Society, and a novella, Sleepwalker. Unmarried, but happy, I spend a lot of time with my younger siblings, Bryce, Brandy and Alec, aged sixteen, nine and seven. Well, that's as much as I can put in my author bio. It reminds me of the movie Bull Durham when Crash teaches Nuke how to give a sports interview. You've got to know your cliches, “We got to play 'em one day at a time.” Kinda boring isn't it? Of course it's boring, that's the point. What more can I say about myself that's interesting? The fact is, I spend a lot of time alone in a small room, typing while staring at a screen. That doesn't create a lot of interesting life story. If you want interesting, read my books. I can tell you a lot more about my characters than I can about myself.

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