Some people blog for the sake of blogging. I’m not one of them. The reason I started this blog was to promote my ebooks. See those book covers to the right? There they are. If you own a Kindle, click on one to see if it’s to your liking. Or, if you’d rather have a small taste from here first, I’ve collected all the little stories on the blog.

You Can Lose Yourself to Karma

You Can Lose Yourself to Karma is a very short and surreal story. Ray is his own best friend. When he talks to himself, it’s because there is literally two of him in one place.

Beyond the Happy Ending

Beyond the Happy Ending is my only work of Flash Fiction. Weighing in at under a thousand words, it can be read in a handful of minutes. It describes a romance editor’s attempt to write a different kind of love story.

The Personality Tailor

The personality tailor guarantees results, but not necessarily satisfaction. You can become a new you in a single afternoon, but will it be the difference you need?

The rest of the stories available here are impromptu things thrown together on a whim in response to the Daily Prompt. I put very little time into them, usually less than two hours. Even so, they can be entertaining and they might give you a glimpse of what my imagination has to offer.

Granting Wishes is Just a Job

Told from the perspective of a Genie. Find out what interests him and bores him on the job.

Addington’s Inutile Automatons

A robot from a catalog can be replaced for free with a different model. It’s hard to find any worth keeping.

No Exit Without a Purchase

Escaping from the rain into an anonymous little shop leads to a very surreal case of the creeps.

She Knows Me. Is That a Good Thing?

A follow up to No Exit Without a Purchase. It turns out I wasn’t the only person to find that shop.

Eternal Terminal: Airport to the Afterlife

In between this world and the next is a very mundane wait. Flights are delayed and you’re surrounded by strangers.

Sid and Gribber

Sid never outgrew his imaginary friend, but it looks like Gribber has outgrown him.

More than a Memory

Young lovers are parted during their college years, but she gives him a special magical gift to see him through it.


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