The Deicide Files : Fade Triumph, Chapter 2

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There’s always drudge work to do before the interesting part of an investigation. The first step in any investigation of a person was to visit the registry. We wanted the basic information as accurate as we could get it. Every god was in the registry. There were so many Zeuses, Christs, and Buddhas that you ran into them constantly. Most of those big names just went by the identifier, the last name. There was more than a handful Bifrosts, and those poor suckers weren’t even gods as mortals understand them. They were only symbols, the connection between Asgard and Earth. There were quite a lot of Asgards too. Asgard Smith, Asgard Snow, Asgard Nails. Fades though? There were more fades than anything. No religion in existence had as many gods as the forgotten fades. Let me amend what I said a moment ago. Not all the gods are in the registry. The only Fades in the registry are the ones that luck into some new income, like Fade Triumph had. The others can’t be listed. Their records literally vanish from the registry and the city’s memory. None of us can recognize a god that has faded. The mortals have forgotten, so our city does as well. There are so many of us wasting away. The lucky ones last less than a century, a piece of an old story that is half remembered from a previous generation. The less fortunate ones last a lot longer than that, rambling around aimlessly, without any identity. (more…)

The Deicide Files : Glossary

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Aether : Fuel for the city’s machines, particularly vahanas.

Ark : A motor vehicle like a vahana, but able to seat many gods. Arks are usually public transportation, and in Pantheon City they resemble cable cars. So in town they are often referred to as cable arks.

Boundary : The edge of the gods’ small world has a literal boundary that can be seen. No one knows what is beyond it, and nothing that passes over it ever returns.

DemiUrge Temple : The largest religion of Pantheon City. Gods who are followers of the DemiUrge religion believe in a supreme being beyond their own reality who is responsible for the creation of both Pantheon City and the mortal world.

Devotion : The gods of Pantheon City receive devotion, or belief, from their mortal followers in various forms. That devotion can be fashioned into various products, most importantly nourishment that maintains a god’s identity. It can also be sold and traded, creating the economy of Pantheon City.

Divinity : In Pantheon City, the word has a completely different meaning. Divinity is their word for humanity. (more…)

The Three Buddha Bridge

Twice a day a train full of gods stopped at the station just before the bridge. The official name of the bridge was the Number Five Lerna Crossing. The locals and commuters who were used to crossing the bridge and stopping at the nearby railroad station coined the nickname ‘The Three Buddha Bridge’ on account of the local frontier managers, all three of whom were named Buddha.

For five months the new bridge had carried the commuters on the replacement trains. The old bridge sat unused, making it the Vacant Three Buddha Bridge. That track hadn’t been officially declared derelict yet, but it was only a matter of time. With the community of Avalon growing so rapidly, the old tracks and even the old trains hadn’t allowed enough travel.

The railroad station had hired a number of new maintenance men and grunt workers. The local frontier work was still overseen by the three Buddhas though. The opening of the new track had spawned puff pieces in two Pantheon City newspapers about the frontier trio. Some of the people that crossed the bridge did so out of curiosity, as tourists more or less. Their disappointment in the bridge and station was laughable to most of the genuine travelers. The Three Buddha Bridge and the Three Buddha Station were growing, but it was still just a rural train track. Maybe one day Avalon would become a major town. Until then it was just an extension of the simple communities outside the city of the gods. (more…)

Sight UnCeen, Chapter Two

This story is not intended to be read on its own. It’s a follow up to my time travel story ‘They Can’t Tell Time’. This story won’t make much sense if you haven’t read that one. You can find ‘They Can’t Tell Time’ here.


“Friends George and Earl. I am sorry about the trouble with my last transference. For me it was painful. What you call a headache.”

George asked a very strange question. “You’re the same one we saw here before?”

“The same what?,” Ceen asked.

Earl asked, “You’re named Ceen?”

What were these scatterbrained Earthlings talking about this time? “You know my name.”

“Yeah, I mean, are you the only alien?”

Again, Ceen was completely at a loss. “There is an entire planet full, just as there are of your kind.”

George sounded as though Ceen was the one being difficult. “All right, I’m tired of this alien and Costello routine. Are you the only alien that Earl and I have met?”

“I do not know what other aliens you have met. You told me you had met others.” (more…)

Sight UnCeen, Chapter One

This story is not intended to be read on its own. It’s a follow up to my time travel story ‘They Can’t Tell Time’. This story won’t make much sense if you haven’t read that one. You can find ‘They Can’t Tell Time’ here.


The signal was clear. Ceen had tested his world transfer technology on three unadvanced planets that had old, little used probes. Now he had the chance to use his transfer tech to reach a populated planet, and not just any populated planet. Ceen had heard of Earth before. His translator units even had the local languages programmed into it. He didn’t know much about it, but he knew it was the subject of speculation among other amateur interplanetary travelers.

He did a cursory library overview of the planet, and found that it was considered both fascinating and dangerous. The inhabitants were unpredictable, their culture was unfathomable. They were intelligent beings though, seemingly on the cusp of developing their own signal transfer systems, though such a discovery would likely be accidental, as it had been on most worlds.

From his signal cradle, Ceen located the spark on the Earth’s surface. It was a double instance of biological transmission. The signal was not a fluke though. It was artificial. It was as though a pair of Earthlings had deliberately irradiated themselves with the signal as a message to the stars. Even if it was unintentional, it implied the possibility of contact with technologically sound specimens. So Ceen studied the signal’s qualities. He examined the atmosphere and fed the readings into his bioform transmitter. He checked for artificial qualities and found that there were communications, pollution and psychic substances. One thing that was missing was halz waves. Ceen checked and checked again. There wasn’t a trace of them.  What an opportunity. Ceen had the chance to truly advance a species with great potential. (more…)

They Can’t Tell Time, Chapter Three

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Chapter One

The gentlest of Dollar’s tones was still enough to polish stone. “You’re saying that they have placed themselves out of reach.”

Quarter told him, “They’ve got their project in a police station, and the subjects appear to be remaining in there for the time being. I’ve never known this to happen in the sixteen years I’ve been an active agent. The only way to get to the machine or the alien is to violate the police rule. We can get in there if we use a mind bomb. We can acquire the machine. But there is no guarantee that that type of psychic weaponry would affect the joyrider when it arrives. There is also no sense in taking the machine without the fuel that the joyrider surely has not provided yet. My advice is to maintain as low a public presence as possible until they provide a better opportunity.”

Nickel said, “It’s like they’re Solozzo guarded by Captain McCluskey. I really hope they end up in an Italian restaurant.”

Dollar frowned at the level two. “The agency takes life only under certain circumstances.”

“Are these those circumstances?,” Nickel asked.

“No,” Quarter said. “We have reason to believe that the alien device is a power station. If so, then it has to be placed carefully. It might be in town, but because the joyrider has been seen out of town, then we believe that they are attempting to power all of the Shoesole Lakes area. It looks like that area is the only practical place for them to place their device.”

“But will they do that now that they are aware of us?,” Dollar said.

“I think so. I don’t think they put that kind of time and effort into it just to leave it sitting. You know what people are like, sir. They’ll go to any stupid lengths to serve an alien agenda, even if it’s unknown to them. They started this. They’ll see it through.” (more…)

They Can’t Tell Time, Chapter Two

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Chapter One

Two days had passed. A pair of tireless, perfectly patient, black clad bastards watched from a distance. George and Earl couldn’t have made their interaction with the alien more obvious if they’d put up a sign. Nickel and Quarter could spot the paranoid personalities easily. George and Earl were starting to wonder what to do. They knew that they weren’t going to work on their invention anymore. If an alien shows up and tells you to stop, then you stop, even if you don’t know why. What else did they have to do though? They were just sitting around, playing cards and listening to the radio.

George stalked back in after a cigarette break. He moved a few things around on a shelf just to convince himself that he was still in his own territory. Then he plopped down sullenly in the old recliner.  “Is he comin’ back or not?”

Earl groaned because he doubted it. “Give him time. He’s gotta come up with the new plans.”

“New plans that he says we already have? I think our grey buddy has alien attention deficit disorder. Next time he shows up, he’d better have something to show us. I don’t give a damn if he is from Planet X. I don’t want to piss away all day every day sittin’ here hopin’ your next fart wont’ smell as bad as the last one.” (more…)